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What Our clients are saying

"The goat milk body scrub is AMAZING!! I love that the sugar doesn't disappear right away allowing you to see great exfoliation while the oils and goat milk do their thing!! ❤️ My skin is literally glowing! I love it!"

Stacy M.

"I love the candles from enliven!! I trimmed my wick like Leisa had mentioned and it's burning cleanly down the jar just like she had promised! I've burned it a ton of times and haven't even put a dent in it! I can't wait to smell this beautiful scent for many hours to come! Fantastic smell and clean soy wax? Sign me up!"

Amanda B.

"I am sending back a whole bunch of stuff from another brand because of the crazy reactions my skin is having! The only soap and lotion I use now are the ones I bought from enliven! All of it is amazing! I'm placing another order next week!"

Heather H.

"When I shop enliven, I know that each product is going to be special. Every detail of the selection is well thought out. The product is more than just a purchase, it's an etire experience and that is worth so much to me!"

Hallie - Pittsburgh Beauty Co.

"enliven carries products from other small businesses. How awesome! For someone who suffers from allergic reactions to chemicals found in so many products, I appreciate and LOVE all of the natural products that Leisa hand-picked and made easily accessible for us!"

Meghann W.

"This brand is such an amazing story! I love the support behind local and small business, not to mention the uplifing messages on social media. Plus, the products and quality are incredible!"

Sarah R.

"I enjoy how much enliven builds relationships with their customers! I believe that having a relationship with your customers is the most important part in owning a business. I, also, love how everything is about health and wellness."

Alexa W.

"If you haven't tried the candles from enliven Lifestyle Boutique, you are missing out! I'm obessessed!"

Emily K.

"The Glimmer candle smelled so amazing even before I took it out of the packaging!"

Taylor - Tay & Co.