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What Our clients are saying

"When I shop enliven, I know that each product is going to be special. Every detail of the selection is well thought out. The product is more than just a purchase, it's an etire experience and that is worth so much to me!"

Hallie - Pittsburgh Beauty Co.

"If you haven't tried the candles from enliven Lifestyle Boutique, you are missing out! I'm obessessed!"

Emily K.

"The Replenish lotion is amazing! I used it on my legs and it was SO absorbent and light!"

Renee P.

"This brand is such an amazing story! I love the support behind local and small business, not to mention the uplifing messages on social media. Plus, the products and quality are incredible!"

Sarah R.

"Everything I have purchased from enliven is of the highest quality and that's impressive! I love the incredible candles that are all natural!"

Christina D.

"The Glimmer candle smelled so amazing even before I took it out of the packaging!"

Taylor - Tay & Co.

"I enjoy how much enliven builds relationships with their customers! I believe that having a relationship with your customers is the most important part in owning a business. I, also, love how everything is about health and wellness."

Alexa W.

"I needed the Bee Active Balm! It saved my Summer!"

Eileen F.

"These body scrubs are amazing! You need them both!"

Nicole B.