enliven Lifestyle Boutique Joins Forces With The Sister Bees!

enliven is excited to partner with The Sister Bees! A company that not only creates hand-crafted natural beeswax products to heal and soothe but, also, has an amazing story and three amazing women behind it! 

Their story begins as three busy moms and wives, loving the process of being creative and natural in managing their homes. Amber and Kimberly enjoyed gardening, canning, creating chemical-free cleaning products for their families, and eventually, beekeeping was added to the list. Through a bit of research, they realized that the beeswax from their hives was a valuable and natural ingredient in skin care. Lip balm was their first product crafted, and soon after, we developed skin care from beeswax for the entire family, even the family pet. Kimberly’s sister, Kelly, and her family moved back home to Michigan at about this time, with a passion to join the “Hive”. The three of them became inseparable, growing the Sister Bees brand.

We have made their products available for you through our bee enlivened collection! We are happy to have their “hive” join our tribe! Visit our website to view their wonderful selections, with more to come, as we add bee Buddies to our Lou + Smoke pet collection!