Elle + Sea's 1st Visit To Whitetail Lane Farm!

Over the weekend, Elle + Sea threw on their denim and took a day trip to Whitetail Lane Farm in State College, PA, where we were introduced to their zany group of goats and provided a behind-the-scenes tour of their soap room and product production.

We met the proprietor, Jaime Cunningham, who explained that their farm was mere farm land when they acquired it in 2012. Since then, they have remodeled the house, built horse riding rings for their daughter's horses and a barn which not only houses these beautiful horses but, also, the smiling faces of her goat brigade! 

With the announcement of only one word ((the name of the former matriarch of the goat brigade who sadly passed away over the winter)), we were greeted by Jamie's group of bearded babies, approximately 10 of them in total, all of which were eager to snag a snack from the hand-held feeders Jamie had provided to each of us. While we became fast friends, Jamie gave us an overview of their operation. She explained that she holds a full time job and manages her product line on the side. She developed the line awhile back because she was hard-pressed to find a soap that wouldn't dry out her skin. They had originally purchased the goats to maintain the grounds of the farm but, throughout her search, Jamie realized goat milk was, in fact, a wonderful product for moisturizing! From there, her goat milk soap was born! She enjoyed making the soap so much and was so impressed with its results that she decided to create a family business offering everything from lotions and body butter to lip balm and bath bombs. What a business indeed! Jamie outlined that her husband hand-milks the goats. No fancy equipment needed! She explained that, once mixed, she places the soap mixture into molds and lets them rest for a few days to take shape then hand-cuts each slice which has to cure for an additional 4-6 weeks prior to being available for sale. 

Situated right along the Penn State campus, the farm provided a peaceful escape for our visit. Jamie mentioned that, at night throughout football season, they can view the bright lights and scoreboard of Beaver Stadium. With Elle's daughter being a PSU Alum, the setting was picturesque! 

Whitetail Lane Farm received their certified soap makers certificate from the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild in April of 2015. We are beyond excited to be working with Whitetail Lane Farm to bring their hand-crafted creations to you and yours! Check our our full private label body products collection by visiting our home page.