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LIVE A GREAT STORY necklace | rose gold

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This simple LIVE A GREAT STORY necklace hangs around your neck and close to your heart to remind you that YOUR story matters. Make it a good one!

Inspired by the idea that each and every person has the power to write their story, Zach grabbed a can of red spray paint and left this message on a popular running trail in Austin, TX. The simple message made an impact. People started sharing pictures on social media with personal, deep and inspired responses. Soon #liveagreatstory was filled with pictures! Zach kept spreading the LIVE A GREAT STORY message through a process called "wheat pasting". Lots (and lots and lots) of these "Reminders" fueled the social media spread as people stumbled across the message. Friends, strangers and people from social media started asking for stickers, shirts, hats and more.